What is IT – Information Technology in ITIL V3?

What is IT?
The definition of Information Technology (IT) changes with context:
IT as an Organization: As an internal unit or function of the enterprise or commercial service provider. It is an organization with its own set of capabilities and resources.
There are three types of Service Providers:
• Internal Service Provider: A Service Provider that is part of the same Organization as its Customer.
• Shared Services Unit: A Service Provider that caters to more than one business units to minimize costs and risks (e.g. network, security, scripting, and migration).
• External Service Provider: A Service Provider that is part of a different Organization as its Customer. Also known as external supplier (e.g. outsourcing vendors).
IT as a Component: 
As components of systems and processes, IT systems, applications and infrastructure are components or sub-assemblies of a larger product. They enable or are embedded in processes and service.
IT as a Service:
IT may be a shared category of services utilized by business or by business units. These services are typically IT applications and infrastructure that are packaged and offered by internal IT organizations or by external service providers. IT costs are treated as business expenses.
IT as an Asset: 
As capabilities and resources that provide a dependable stream of benefit, IT is a category of business assets that provide a stream of benefits for their owners. IT costs are treated as investments.

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