What is Client in SAP

What is Client in SAP ?
A client is organizational and legal entity in the SAP system. All the business management data is protected here because other clients can not access them. The main objective of the client is to keep the data isolated. The data in a client can be only visible within that client; it can not be displayed or changed from another client. In a physical SAP system there can be multiple clients
SAP R/3 comes with 3 inbuilt standard clients,
SAP Clients :
Client 000 – Client 000 is a special client in SAP since it has client independent settings. Client 000 in SAP R/3 comes with a simple organizational structure. It is a sort of test company. Client 000 contains all standard configurations, parameters, standard transactions, etc that are normally used in the SAP R/3 business environment.
Client 001 – Client 001 is a copy of client 000. Client 001 also includes a test company. Client 001 can be customized to prepare it to move it into the production environment. However, once client 001 is customized, it does not behave like client 000.
Client 066 – Client 066 is used to perform “Early Watch” service for customer systems. One important thing to remember is that during SAP R/3 implementation, once SAP is installed, the first thing to be done is copy a standard client included in SAP R/3 package. With the help of this, SAP users can start using SAP for creating tests, training, or even start using it for customization.


Within one SAP instance, a number of Clients can be created. No need to install separate software’s for each and every customer.It provides isolation ,one client cannot see the data of other client.
What is Client ? How to Create a New Client in SAP basis 
As depicted above 100 and 200 clients exist under one roof. We can create a number of clients in SAP Application (from 000 to 999)