What are the health benefits of drinking enough water? DID YOU KNOW ?

What are the health benefits of drinking enough water? DID YOU KNOW ?

Water is the source of life and one of the essential nutrients for the human body.

People can go without food for a week or more, but as long as they don’t drink water for three days, their lives are in danger.

In different growth and development stages of human body the proportion of water in the body is different.
With age, the body’s water content will decrease. The water content of fetuses is 90%, that of infants is 80%, that of adults is 70%, and that of the elderly is less than 60%.

The key to longevity and health is drinking enough water. The aging process of the human body is the process of continuous loss of water from human cells.
Supplement with enough water, water penetrates into cells, provides nutrients for cells, takes bacteria and toxins out of cells, ensure cell health, delaying the aging process of cells.

The blood water content is 83%. Supplementing enough water can dilute the blood, reduce blood viscosity, speed up blood circulation, and enhance metabolism.

In addition, drinking more water also has a certain nourishing effect on the skin. It can moisturize the surface cells of the skin, speed up the metabolism of skin cells, and make the skin more hydrated, firm and elastic.


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