VIVA launches 5G with special packages on VIVA postpaid plans

VIVA launches 5G with special packages on VIVA postpaid plans
VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced the launch of 5G service, with special packages on VIVA’s postpaid plans, starting KD 45, promising a new wave of capabilities for internet and smartphone users. Customers will gear up for speeds faster than the blink of an eye and to meet the next generation of mobile internet connectivity with cutting-edge technology, and average download speeds touching an unbelievable 1GBps.
On this occasion, Eng. Maziad Nasser Al-Harbi, CEO of VIVA said:
“Today, after the launch of the fifth generation services, we will witness a major transformation and a new launch of wireless services. Big part of the “leap” will come from the ability to move much greater volumes of data across networks. 5G will mean more devices can be connected to the network at better speeds. VIVA is creating a new era where the incredible speed and connectivity of 5G becomes a reality, due to the largest network capable to serve the customers in Kuwait.”
He added: “As a leading local and regional telecommunications company, and look forward to being the first to foster our customers’ services to meet all their needs, VIVA has invested in building the most advanced network, and now we have an extensive list of sites covered in Kuwait with the 5G, and we are the only company that has more than 1000 sites covered by the 5G service in the Middle East.”
He explained: “The launch of this service commercially with special packages, will help VIVA to release its full potential in the digital arena, enhance ICT cooperation and expand the scope of enterprise sector and B2B, B2C and B2G, and launch devices that support 5G, in addition to after-sales technical team to serve our customers and meet their needs.”
VIVA is keen to offer the latest in the telecommunications sector to its customers, and will strive to provide mobile devices that support 5G and will be able to pre-order soon through VIVA’s official website. 5G is the next generation wireless network, featuring ultra-fast mobile broadband speeds with multiple Gbps, massive connectivity, critical communication and very low latency. VIVA aims to resolve the various issues that have developed due to the wide popularity of 4G LTE, including the need for higher speeds and lower latency. 5G will provide fiber like service experience to VIVA users, while enabling new digital services to emerge such as AR/VR immersive experience, cloud gaming, autonomous drone, driverless cars, and a wide range of IoT uses.


16/06/2019 8:32 AM