US President Joe Biden signs series of Orders, JobsinQ8

Kuwait City, 22nd January 2021:

US President Joe Biden signs series of Orders, JobsinQ8

United States of America President Joe Biden signs series of orders

■ Declaration that the US is rejoining Paris climate accord.
■ Declaration that the US is rejoining World Health Organization.
■ Ethical standards for his administration and an order prohibiting interference in the operations of the Justice Department from other parts of government.
■ Start of a process to restore 100 public health and environmental rules that the Obama administration created and President Donald Trump eliminated or weakened.
■ Start of a process to rejoin the deal restraining Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.
■ Executive action to end travel restrictions on people from a variety of Muslim-majority countries.
■ Executive action to protect from deportation people who came to the country illegally as children.
■ Executive action to make masks mandatory on federal property and when travelling out of state. Others will be asked to wear masks for 100 days.
■ Steps to extend pandemic-era restrictions on evictions and foreclosures.
■ Legislation to go to Congress proposing to repeal liability protections for gun manufacturers and tightening some other aspects of gun control.
■ Immigration legislation to go to Congress as part of an effort to offer a path to citizenship for 11 million people in the US illegally and to codify protections for people who came illegally as children.
■ Education Department to be asked to extend the existing pause on student loan payments and interest for millions with student debt. Thursday
■ Executive action laying out new steps to expand virus testing, protect workers and set new public health standards. Friday
■ Directive to agencies to take unspecified immediate action to deliver economic relief from the pandemic. By Feb 1
■ Executive actions to strengthen “buy American” provisions.
■ Executive actions to address climate change.
■ First steps to expand access to health care, for lowincome women, women of color and other segments of the population.
■ First steps to reunite families still separated at the Mexican border. Beyond (some may be tried sooner)
■ Ensure 100 million vaccines have been given before the end of his first 100 days.
■ Ensure 100 federally supported vaccination centers are up and running in his first month.
■ Expand use of the Defense Production Act to direct the manufacture of critical pandemic supplies.
■ Win passage of a $2 trillion climate package to get the US to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
■ Seek passage of a “Medicare-like public option” to compete alongside private insurance markets for working- age Americans; increase existing premium subsidies.
■ Eliminate certain corporate tax cuts where possible, by executive action, while doubling the levies US firms pay on foreign profits.
■ Make a plan within 100 days to end homelessness.
■ Expand legal immigration slots.
■ Freeze deportations for 100 days, then restore the Obama-era principle of deporting foreigners who are seen as posing a national security threat or who have committed crimes in addition to the crime of illegal entry, thereby pulling back the broad deportation policy of the Trump years.
■ Halt financing of further construction of the wall along the Mexican border.
■ Within 100 days, establish a police oversight commission to combat institutional racism by then.
■ Reinstate federal guidance, issued by Obama and revoked by Trump, to protect transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity.
■ Ensure taxes are not raised on anyone making under $400,000




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22/01/2021 10:51 AM