Top Ten Habits that can damage the brain

Top 10 Habits that can damage the BRAIN:

The brain is connected to our brain and the whole body as well. However, when the body is depressed, when there are unhealthy eating patterns or other problems causing you’re eating habits to change; the body signals the brain for help. Over eating occurs when the brains eating signals become paralyzed. Therefore, it leads to uncontrollable eating.

No breakfast: 
Breakfast is the first chance of the day to get your glucose levels back to normal after a long sleep.  Glucose maintains the activities and energy of the brain. Some people that skip breakfast are likely to have lower blood sugar levels.

Smoking contains many toxins and carcinogens that can permanently damage the brain and lead to brain shrinkage as well as Alzheimer’s disease.  Smoking also slows down the blood flow to the brain.

High sugar consumption: 
Sugar is necessary for the brain in the start but everything is good in a moderate amount. Too much sugar can release adrenal hormones which cause the common sugar rush. Having too much sugar level in your body can interrupt the body from getting proper nutrients and minerals essential.

Air pollution: 
Inhaling pollutant s can damage the lungs and the brain as well. Air is the easiest form of living element that we ingest regularly.  The air pollutants can cause inflammation in our brain causing oxygen levels to be lowered.  You can develop brain tumors through pollution as well.
Sleep deprivation: in order to keep your body running on a regular healthy basis, sleep is the most vital factor when it comes to the wellbeing of your overall health. Not getting enough sleep can cause depression and brain neurons to act abnormally.

Head covered while sleeping: 
Sleep refreshes every part of the body especially the brain.  When you cover your body with a blanket or pillow, it may take away unnecessary sounds and may even eliminate them, but it can cause the body not to get enough oxygen that can lead to brain damaging effects.

Working during illness: 
Sometimes when we are not feeling well or are severely sick, you may have noticed that we do not think properly.  Thinking constantly about the fact that you are sick can depress the brain.  Working hard or studying puts unnecessary pressure on your brain that can lead to permanent damage to the brain.ten habits that can damage your brain

Lacking in stimulating thoughts: 
Thinking is the best way to keep your brain well developed and happy.  Communication, socializing, problem solving are all way you can help keep your brain healthy by facing challenges.  Sometimes the lack of thinking or not challenging your brain can make it shrink.

Talking rarely: 
The most common way to tell if you do not know about something is when you do not talk about it or respond when someone talks about it.  Having healthy and intellectual conversations are good stimulants for the brain.

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