Top Interview Questions for System Administrators (Microsoft)

Top Interview Questions for System Administrators (Microsoft)



Top Interview Questions for System Administrators (Microsoft)

A system administrator is responsible for managing a multi-user computing environment, such as a local area network (LAN). The responsibilities of the system administrator typically include installing and configuring system hardware and software, establishing and managing user accounts, upgrading software and performing backup and recovery tasks.
The main responsibilities performed by a system administrator are:
* Active Directory management (adding and configuring new workstations and setting up user accounts to provide authorizations)


* Installing and updating system software


* OS patching/upgrades


* Preventing the spread of viruses and malicious programs


* Allocating mass storage space


* Reviewing system logs
* System security management
* Creating a backup and recovery policy
* Performance monitoring and optimization


Before facing any interview for a system administrator position, make sure that you have enough knowledge on these technologies:
Basic Network Concepts:
* Data communication and transmission techniques
* Fundamentals of OSI and TCP/IP model
* IP address classes
* IP subnetting
* IPv6 fundamentals
* Basics of switching
Microsoft Server Functionalities:
* Active Directory Domain Controller (Read only DC , Child DC)
* Active Directory Domain Services
* DHCP Server
* File and print server
* Database storage server
* Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
* Group Policy management
* Registry management
* Hyper V
* Schedule tasks (Backup, AD DS Backup)
* High Availability Features (Failover Clustering, Network Load Balancing)

Top Interview Questions for a System Administrator (Microsoft) Position:

All of the questions below are very common and must be prepared for before facing any interview for a System-Server Administrator position.

Q: What is Active Directory?
A:  Active Directory provides a centralised control for network administration and security. Server computers configured with Active Directory are known as domain controllers. Active Directory stores all information and settings for a deployment in a central database, and allows administrators to assign policies and deploy and update software.

Q: What is a Domain?
A:  A domain is defined as a logical group of network objects (computers, users, devices) that share the same Active Directory database. A tree can have multiple domains.

Q: What is Domain Controller?
A:  A domain controller (DC) or network domain controller is a
Windows-based computer system that is used for storing user account data in a central database. It is the centrepiece of the Windows Active Directory service that authenticates users, stores user account information and enforces security policy for a Windows domain.

A domain controller allows system administrators to grant or deny users access to system resources, such as printers, documents, folders, network locations, etc., via a single username and password.

When the backup process has finished you should get a message that the backup completed successfully. If it did not complete properly you will need to troubleshoot.

The questions above are very tricky and important from the standpoint of clearing any interview for a System Administrator (Microsoft) position. It is not possible for anyone to list every possible question, but you can get more frequently asked interview questions for System/Server Administrator (Microsoft) Jobs from the download link posted here. If you find any difficulty in answering any questions, ask me below @ the Comments section.