Top 10 highest paid jobs in the world – JobsinQ8 news Kuwait

Top 10 highest paid jobs in the world – JobsinQ8 news Kuwait

1. Surgeon

The Forbes study places the most delicate position among medical personnel as the most lucrative of all the labor supply. According to the data provided, surgeons receive an average of 335,225 euros per year (28,000 euros per month) . Logically, it is one of those jobs in which the responsibilities acquired are more than obvious. The magazine gives it a growth potential (in terms of salary) of up to 14% over the next seven years.

2. Psychiatrist

Another especially delicate trade and which is presumed a growing demand from patients due to psychic disorders of all kinds and the greater  knowledge about them. Psychiatrists earn on average 194,413 euros per year (16,200 euros per month). Observe the considerable salary jump that occurs with respect to the first job on the list. The outlook for growth up to 2024 is also at 14%.

3. Military general

It is a position from which only the data referring to the US market has been taken (if it is possible to speak in terms of the market in this case). The generals (the highest military rank below the captain general) earn an average of 192,499 euros (16,000 euros per month), there being no data to anticipate their revaluation in the coming years.

4. Public Relations Executive

It is a business charge that has always existed in large companies despite receiving different names. His work is key in order to build a solid brand image for the company. Its average annual salary is 188,873 euros, with a growth potential of 7% until 2024.

5. Doctor

The header, it is understood. It is one of the most demanding degrees in terms of the acceptance of new students but the working conditions are exceptional. An average annual salary of 186,907 euros (15,600 euros per month) and a revaluation prospects of 14% in seven years support this profession.

6. Executive Director

The famous CEO, the alma mater of the projects of the companies (especially in the larger ones). Its average annual remuneration reaches 162,601 euros (13,500 euros), with important differences between the different economic sectors. Just a few days ago, it was learned that Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) earned 7.25 million euros in 2016 .

7. Dentist

It is not a profession that arouses special sympathy (the animosity it generates between childhood is notorious) but it is a highly qualified and well paid professional. The 145,718 euros that a dentist earns on average per year corroborate this, with a growth potential of 18% until 2024.

8. Orthodontist

Closely related to the previous job, the orthodontist (specialist in treatments to correct the denture) earns an average of 123,144 euros per year (10,300 euros). If we add to this a growth perspective of 18% – in a curious coincidence with dentists – we see how our oral health is a very important business niche .

9. Oil engineer

The crash of the crude oil market that was experienced in 2014 is far from being reversed, even though oil has recovered part of the land lost since mid-2016 . Oil engineers, however, maintain a very high remuneration despite the state of their sector : 121,996 euros per year. It draws attention that Forbes anticipates a salary increase of 10% in seven years.

10. Data scientist

The ‘data base’ is one of the most dynamic areas within the technological sectors and even a good part of the traditional ones. The specialists in data management earn an average of 120,353 euros per year.

The jobs related to health are the best paid, while the top business positions gain prominence in the ranking. we must bear in mind that these are averages, this means that not all the workers of each of them obtained the same salary. Some charge more than others for the company in which they work or the university they went to. In addition, in these professions, there are also gender inequalities because in many cases men earn more than women for doing the same job.


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