The temperature is expected to reach zero in Kuwait

Awareness : Kuwait caution against a cold wave. The temperature is expected to reach zero


The astronomical expert Adel Marzouq called for caution against a cold wave in the country due to the blowing of the northern winds that are between moderate and light sometimes active, and after that the temperature will start to decrease starting from the middle of this week and increase in the second day of the new year.

Al-Marzouq said:  The temperature is expected to reach zero  on 2019/1/2 and the temperature range between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius in the first morning hours during the month of January and mid-January, adding: The period of the cold ventricle coincides with the drowsiness that will enter on 2019/1/14.
The cold will continue at low levels between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius until the end of February, due to the arrival of the Siberian High to the region and its conflagration with the air heights stationed there, so we will notice the scarcity of fall Rain during this period.
Source: alanba
Kuwait City, Ministry of Kuwait
Ministry of Kuwait