Coronavirus, Covid-19, what to do when self-isolating

*Coronavirus Covid-19 - what to do when self-isolating*   There's now a recommended 7-day period of self-isolation if you've got a fever >37.8C, or a new/persistent cough. What helpful stuff can you do during this? 1. Taking analgesia regularly – relieves fever, pain - paracetamol 4 times daily - you can also take ibuprofen 3 times daily with this - take REGULARLY, not just as and when - they will be more effective 2. Drink water regularly – LOTS - maintaining hydration is fundamental to helping your immune system - when feverish I'd recommend people drink more water than usual, 3-3.5L if possible - making sure you're passing lots of clear urine - a sign of good hydration 3. Wash your hands regularly - with soap and water - wash backs of your hands, between fingers (gutters for viruses) & your thumbs - we all forget thumbs! - wash for at least 20 seconds. Don’t sneeze into your hands! 4. Disinfect hard surfaces – coronaviruses can survive days on PHONES, metal, plas…
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