Service Transition Transition Planning and Support in ITIL – ITIL Course

Service Transition

Transition Planning and Support
The  purpose  of the  transition  planning  and  support  process  is to provide  overall planning for service transitions and to coordinate the resources that they require.
The Objectives are:
•              Plan and coordinate the resources to ensure that the requirements of service strategy   encoded   in  service   design   are   effectively   realized   in  service operation.
•              Coordinate  activities  across  projects,  suppliers  and  service  teams  where required.
•              Establish  new or changed  services  into supported  environments  within  the predicted cost, quality and time estimates.
•              Establish  new  or  modified  management   information   systems  and  tools, technology and management  architectures,  service management  processes, and  measurement  methods  and  metrics  to meet  requirements  established during the service design stage of the lifecycle.
•              Ensure  that all parties adopt the common  framework  of standard  re-usable processes and supporting systems in orderto improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated planning and coordination activities.
•              Provide clear and comprehensive  plansthat enable customer and business change projects to align their activities with the service transition plans.
•              Identify,  manage  and  control  risks,  to  minimize  the  chance  of  failure  and disruption across transition activities; and ensure that service transition issues, risks and deviations are reportedto the appropriate stakeholders and decision makers.
•   Monitor and improve the performance of the service transition lifecycle stage.

The scope of transition planningand support includes:
•              Maintaining policies, standardsand models for service transition activities and processes
•              Guiding each major change or new service through all the service transition processes
•              Coordinating the efforts needed to enable multiple transitions to be managed at the same time
•   Prioritizing conflicting requirements for service transition resources
•              Planning  theb
udget and resources  neededto fulfill future requirements  for service transition
•              Reviewingand improving the performance of transition planning and support activities
•              Ensuring  that  service  transition  is  coordinated  with  program  and  project management, service design and service development activities

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