Service Strategy Demand Management in ITIL – ITIL Course

Service Strategy

Demand Management

Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of Demand Management is to assist the IT Service Provider in understanding  and influencing  customer  demand  for services,  and the provision  of capacity to meet these demands.
Demand  Management  aims  at minimizing  uncertainty  in demand  to avoid  excess capacity.
Demand Managementsupports Capacity Management by providing reliable planning data. It also tries to understandand possibly influence end-user behavior with regard toservice usage.
Demand Managementavoids unused excess capacity and insufficient capacity.
Key Concepts
Patterns of Business Activity (PBA’s)
Customer  assets such as people, processes  and applications  all performbusiness activities,  and because  of the way these  assets  areorganized  or because  of the tasks they are completing, this activity will tend to be performedin patterns.
Once a PBA has been identified, a PBA profile should be drawn up and details about the PBA documented. The following items need to be documented:
Classification:  This indicatesthe type of PBA, and could refer to where it originates (user or automated),  the type and impact of outcomesupported,  and the type of workload supported.
Requirements:   Such   as  performance,   security availability privacy,   latency   or tolerance for delays.
Service  asset  requirements:  Such  as  performance,  security,  availability,  privacy, latency or tolerancefor delays.
Attributes: Such as frequency, volume, location and duration.

User Profiles (UP):User profiles are based on roles and responsibilities within. Each UP can be associated with one or more PBA. This ensures a systematic approach to understanding and managing demand from customers. They also require customers tobetter understand  their own business  activities  and view them as consumers  of services and producers of demand.

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