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Service Operation

Service Operation Overview of Functions

Service  Operation  Overview of Functions
A function in ITIL® is a set of people/roles that perform relatedactivities. There are 4 functions in Service Operation.
Function  refers  to  the  people  and  automated  measures  that  execute  a  defined process, an activity or a combination  of both. IT functions define the differentroles and responsibilities required for the overall service delivery and support of IT services.
The functions in Service Operation are:
•              Service Desk: A functional unit which is the single point of contact(SPOC) for the IT organization.  It handles all types of call, which can be either reported bya user or automatically generatedby a tool.
•              Technical  Management Provides  detailed  technical  skills  and  resources needed to supportthe ongoing  operation  of the IT infrastructure.  Technical Management  mayalso be responsible  forthe daily operation of a subset of the IT infrastructure.
•   IT Operations Management and Facilities Management:
i.           IT  operations  Management   is  responsible   for  the  daily  operational activities  needed  to manage  the IT infrastructure.  It overlaps  with the Technical and Application Management functions.
ii.      Facilities  Management  refers  to  the  management  of  the  physical  IT
environment, usually data centersor computer rooms.
              Application    Management:    This   function   is   responsible    for   managing applications  throughout  their lifecycle.  It supports and maintains  operational applications, and plays a role in the design, testing and improvement of applications.

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