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Service Operation

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management
IT Operations Control is responsible for day-to-day tasks of Services offered.
Purpose and Roles
The  purpose  of  IT  Operations  Management  is  to  be  responsible  for  the  daily operational activities needed to manage the IT infrastructure  defined during Service Design.
IT Operations  Management  is subdivided  intoIT Operations  Control  and Facilities
•   IT Operations Control
ƒ    Responsible for day-to-day tasks, such as:
ƒ    Maintaining stability of day-to-day processes and activities
ƒ             Providing  regular  scrutiny  and  recommendations   to  achieve  improved service at reduced costs
ƒ    Diagnosing and resolving IT operations failures
ƒ             Responsibility  for  daily  operational  activities  required  to  manage  and maintain the IT infrastructure
ƒ    Console Management,often at the IT Operations Bridge
•   IT Operations Bridge
ƒ    Physical room in which many organizations monitor their IT
ƒ             Provides  a  central  coordination  point  for  managing  various  classes  of events, detecting Incidents, managing routine operational activities and reporting on the status or performance of technology components
•   Facilities Management
ƒ             Focuses  more on the physical IT environment,  such as data centers or computer rooms

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