Service Operation Definitions in ITIL – ITIL Course

Service Operation

Service Operation  covers a prominent  part of the service lifecycle. It contains very important  key terms that are essential  to understanding  howITIL® processes  and functions work.
Key Definitions
There are several key definitions in Service Operations:
•   Event: Detectable occurrence that arise from the IT infrastructure.
•              Alert: A warning that a threshold has been exceeded or something significant has occurred in the IT infrastructure.
•   Incident: An unplannedinterruption to an IT Service.
•   Problem: The unknown root-cause of one or more Incidents.
•              Workaround:  A  temporary  solution  to  a  problem  that  enables  the  user  to continue   using  the  service  while  Proble Management   tries  to  find  a permanent solution.
•   Service Request: A request from a User for information,  or advice, or for a
Standard Changeor for Access to an IT Service.
              Request  for Change/Change:  All modifications  to the IT infrastructure  or its relateddocumentation managed by the Change Management process.

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