SAP BASIS Roles and Responsibilities

 SAP BASIS Roles and responsibilities 
 sap basis roles and responsibilities 
1. Implement and maintain the multiple SAP instances that comprise the SAP environment 
(development, test, training and production).
2. Maintain the integrity of the SAP environment by managing the SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS) to ensure all configuration and development objects are promoted properly.
3. Introduce technical changes into the environment using a structured approach that minimizes risk and achieves high reliability, availability and performance of each SAP instance.
4. Design and implement an optimal SAP configuration to maximize system performance and availability.
5. Install and configure all required SAP database servers and application servers.
6. Manage SAP users, authorizations, and profiles.
7. Distribute the online SAP user workload and monitor and manage the SAP background job workload.
8. Configure and manage the SAP printing subsystem for all SAP instances.
9. Maintain SAP performance by planning and executing SAP tuning strategies.
10. Monitor all SAP systems (work processes, users, system logs, short dumps, locks, developer traces, system traces, disk space, etc.).
11. Administer the SAP database with Database Administrator (plan and perform database upgrades, apply database maintenance, design and maintain physical database layout, perform database reorganizations, design and implement backup and restore strategy, maintain database security, administer database performance, manage database storage, database problem determination and resolution, etc.).
12. Perform SAP client administration (create client, copy client, delete client, export/import client) as required.
13. Participate in the planning and implementation of SAP system upgrades.
14. Apply and migrate SAP maintenance (hot packages and kernel upgrades) through all systems using a structured methodology.
15. Develop and maintain system documentation for all SAP instances and interfaces.
16. Provide status reports for projects to management.