Rights & Duties of Domestic Workers in Kuwait, iiQ8 Info, House Workers duties

Kuwait City, 25th January 2021:

Rights & Duties of Domestic Workers in Kuwait, iiQ8 Info

Kuwait : Public Authority of Manpower

Rights and duties of domestic workers in the state of Kuwait.

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 Rights and Duties of Domestic Workers in the State of Kuwait

In order to preserve the rights of the employer and the worker, the receipt of the remittance transfer, and the receipt voucher must be kept.

Disclosure secrets of the employer, and not to preserve his property is against the law.

The worker has the right to take annual and weekly leave.
The worker shall not dissent the instructions of the employer in the provisions of the employment contract terms.

eWorker has the right to keep his passport and civil ID.

The performance of the work must be according to the contract terms, and it is imposed by the law

The employer must preserve the worker’s human dignity and appropriate livelihoods.

Note :
• worker is not allowed to work with another employer, who is not a part to the employment contract. • The end of service payments after conclusion of the contract is equivalent to one month’s wage per year.
Domestic workers Recruitment Organising Department is concerned with settling disputes between employers and workers in case of conflict.

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