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Kuwait House Rent pay in Court Online

Visit website mentioned below
Click on right-side pan “Online payment service”
Online payment service: –
This service allows citizens and residents to pay the amounts due to them in various cases without going to the different courts or service centers.
Then select “Pay Off Rents”

Enter the DATA : 
Civil ID number, House Number, Email ID (Optional), Captcha Code
Then select the number of months to pay, and submit.
Note : If you want, you can translate the page to English from Arabic by clicking translate icon in the browser..

يرجى كتابة الأرقام الظاهرة أعلاه، بالمربع التالي


* نرجو منكم إدخال بريدكم الالكتروني وذلك في حال رغبتكم في الحصول على نسخة من ايصال الدفع

* في حالة الدفع وعدم الحصول على ايصال يرجى التأكد من رصيدكم بالبنك وفي حالة الخصم يجب عدم الدفع مرة أخرى
وسيتم إدخال المبالغ المدفوعة في رصيد القضية في اليوم التالي.

Print the receipt / Print to PDF and save for future reference.
You will receive a copy of receipt to your Email entered in the email box.

Website for paying House Rent Online Kuwait

Rent Payments
This service is provided by Ministry Of Justice
Kuwait Government Online > Citizens and Residents > Housing > Rent Payment
​This service allows citizens and residents to pay the monthly rent in rental cases by entering the required data.

Start here to PAY Rent


Click here to Pay house Rent 

How to pay Rent Online Kuwait, Kuwait Court Online payment of Rent House Rent.

 Kuwait Emergency Hotline & Telephone Numbers

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