New Civil ID Kuwait – Circular published by Kuwait government immigration

Circular published by Kuwait government regarding immigration of expatriates

As per circular number 13/2019
(Published on 07/03/2019)

1.Stamping of residency on passport will be discontinued from 10/03/2019 instead of which civil ID will be used for immigration.

2.New civil ID ( embedded with smart chip ) will contain the details of passport (Passport number+english name+ employee details)

3.Expatriates will not be permitted to enter or exit Kuwait without both passport and civil ID.(Information included in both should not contradict)

4.Until further notice, passport in which residency is stamped before 10/03/2019 can be used to travel

5.Incase you obtain a new passport during a visit to your native country you must carry your old passport along with you to be granted entry into Kuwait.Entry will be stamped in your new passport and the details will be transferred.

Every employee working in immigration department ( Airport/land/water) should follow the instruction prescribed in this circular from 10/03/2019 onwards.
traslated by- Waseem Eng


08/03/2019 10:42 PM