Linux OS Conclusion



With hundreds of possible distros to choose from, it’s never easy to select a few and make recommendations. We’ve tried to pick distros that will suit the different skillsets of users.


For those looking to move away from proprietary offerings, Elementary OS, with its focus on beauty and functionality, may seem like the obvious choice.

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Linux Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Mageia are flexible enough to appeal to new and experienced users alike. While it can be used as a desktop, Debian is still best suited for running servers.


Fedora used to be a wonderful desktop distro, but being the test bed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux makes it unsuitable for most new users. Thankfully, Korora has stepped up to replace Fedora as the perfect RPM-based desktop distro.

Linux Sparky

Gentoo is the only oddity in our list, and certainly not for the novice. Most experienced users also shy away from it because of the complexities involved in setting it up. Still, along with Arch, it’s one of the most beloved distros for advanced users because of the extensive control it offers, allowing the user to mould the distro to their liking.

Linux OS Conclusion

26/04/2015 8:21 AM