Kuwait MOI announced new curfew permit for 4 hours, full curfew permit Kuwait

Kuwait MOI announced new curfew permit for 4 hours, full curfew permit Kuwait
The Ministry of Interior added a new feature to obtain permit to exit during curfew period to go to parks, farms, chalets, by changing the residence from Civil Information Authority website by changing “change of residence during the total ban” .
The permit allows to go to farms, chalets, private places … etc., and it is granted once per person, starting from Thursday evening and valid for 4 hours.
The permit holder can go and return again, as well as the home driver can go and return with the permit which is valid for 4 hours.
The Ministry of Interior stressed that upon arrival at the destination through the Curfew Permits Application you have to mention that you have arrived at your destination and returned back. If the data of arrival and returned back to home is not mentioned on the application then the system will automatically prevent the permit owner from obtaining any other permits in the future.
The source stated that the change of the place of residence will be removed from the system after 48 hours. Family visits in residential areas is forbidden and it will be revealed through confirmation upon arrival to the destination.
Please can select “Change of residence during Curfew” as the reason for going out from the PACI curfew pass website
This will allow 4 hour permission for people to go out to farms, chalets, private places, and others.

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