Kuwait Launches Immunity Passport Service, iiQ8 COVID-19

Kuwait City, 18th April, 2022:

Kuwait Launches Immunity Passport Service, iiQ8 COVID-19

COVID-19: #Kuwait launches immunity passport service

Service aims to confirm medical status of people who have received required vaccine doses

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health said a joint database system will be connected with the Ministry of Interior in order to update the passport data through the ‘Immune’ app.
The immunity passport service aims to confirm that a person has received all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, making them immune to the coronavirus.

Ahmad Al Ghareeb, Director of the ministry’s undersecretary office, said this update will only apply to the recently issued passports starting from April 13, while those whose passports were issued before April 13 are required to update their data at the COVID-19 vaccination centre located in Mishref during working hours. “All passports issued on April 13 and later will be updated with the status of immunity for those who received all the vaccine doses,” Al Ghareeb added.

The service aims to clearly reflect the medical condition of those who have received all doses of the vaccine and became immune.

Automated linking between the Ministries of Health and Vaccine Certificate

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