Kuwait Hotel price for quarantine, JobsinQ8, COVID-19 hotel price in Kuwait

Kuwait City, 13th February 2021:

Kuwait Hotel price for quarantine, JobsinQ8, COVID-19 hotel price in Kuwait

COVID-19: Kuwait hotels propose price list for institutional quarantine

5 star hotels suggest fee of KD270 for single room and 10KD for each meal

Kuwait City: After the Kuwaiti government announced that all travellers arriving in Kuwait on February 21 onwards will need to quarantine in a hotel for the first seven-days at their own expense, hotels have submitted a proposed price list to the authorities. The proposed price list suggests that each tier of hotels have a set price as follows: First tier (5 star hotels) single room KD270 and double KD330 with each meal costing 10KD, second tier (4 star hotels) single room KD180 and double KD240 with each meal costing KD8 and finally third tier (3 star hotels) single room KD120 and double KD180 with each meal costing KD6.

The decision is yet to go into effect as the authorities are still reviewing the proposal.

Health measures :
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) spokesman, Saad Al Otaibi, said in a statement that all passengers must book their hotel stay via the Kuwait Mosafer app prior to their arrival in Kuwait.

Al Otaibi pointed out to ensure that all health measures are being adhered to airlines must confirm all passengers have a hotel booking before boarding the flight. As for the hotels, they will designate certain floors or sections of the hotel for quarantining guests and all meals will be provided in disposable containers to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Once passengers are done with their seven-day quarantine at the hotel of their choice, they must quarantine for an additional seven days at home.

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