Kuwait expanding hiring of Domestic workers, JobsinQ8

Kuwait City, 18th February 2021:

Kuwait expanding hiring of Domestic workers, JobsinQ8

Kuwait – Talks with Ethiopia, SriLanka to recruit domestic workers to ease shortages

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry has sent a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) to the Ethiopian labour authorities to clear the way for recruitment of domestic workers from the African country to ease a shortage in domestic helpers in Kuwait, a unionist has disclosed.

Chairman of Kuwait’s Union for Domestic Labour Khalid Al Dakhnan said the MOU was dispatched five days ago to Addis Ababa for revision and potential observations.
and stop limiting them to two or three countries,” he said. “Allowing the recruitment of the Ethiopian labour will strike a market balance and solve more than 70 per cent of the current shortage in domestic labour,” Al Dakhnan added. Earlier this week, Al Dakhnan and members of the union met the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Kuwait Othman Jawhar for talks on recruitment of domestic workers from the country.

Both sides agreed to hold a workshop between the union and the embassy to discuss all issues related to the Sri Lankan workers, the union’s Director-General Abdulaziz Al Ali said.

“They include the problem of female workers stranded in the embassy who refuse to continue work for their employers and want to return to their home country,” he added.

Al Ali said that the union will approach the Kuwaiti Public Authority of Manpower to solve the problem and accommodate those workers in a shelter centre until their repatriation.


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18/02/2021 10:20 AM