Kuwait Driving license online replacement of lost, damaged, JobsinQ8, 2020

Kuwait Driving license online replacement of lost, damaged, JobsinQ8

Online replacement of lost or damaged driving licenses from Sunday i.e., 26.01.2020.
The online issuance of replacement lost or damaged driving licenses will start on Sunday, local daily Kuwait Times reported.
The Interior Ministry’s new decision to renew driving licenses online had largely contributed to reducing the number of people having to show up at traffic departments to do so, report added.
The sources also said 31,884 licenses have been renewed over the past two months.

The steps to renew the license online are as follows:
1 – Enter the website of the Ministry of Interior and follow the instructions.
2 – Choose the language to use.
3 – Insert the civil ID card in the machine.
4 – Enter the username and password of your account.
5 – Press to continue.
6 – Enter the old driving license.

  • Preview the new driving license data.

8 – Press to print and withdraw the civil ID.
9 – Collect the new driving license


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