Various Jobs Available at iiQ8 jobs Kuwait


Various Jobs Available at iiQ8 jobs Kuwait

Posted by : Krishna Ch

Location: Ardhiya

Dear iiQ8 viewers,

We have new vacancies open in which is an online store.The new positions open are.

1. Dispatcher-Male Needed-1 Position-12 Hrs Duty-(250KWD-300KWD).

2.Cashier – Male Needed-1 Position-12 Hrs Duty-(200KWD-250KWD).

3.Store Incharge-Male Needed-1 Position-12 Hrs Duty-(200-250KWD).

4.Ware House Picker-Male Needed-1 Position-12 Hrs Duty-(180KWD-200KWD).

5.Customer Service Agent-Male Needed-1 Position-12 Hrs Duty-(200KWD-250KWD).

6.Driver-18 Transferable Visa only – Light or Heavy License – 12 Hrs Duty- (300KWD-350KWD).

7.BIKE Driver-18 Visa Only – Kuwait Bike License Needed-12 Hrs Duty-(300KWD-350KWD).

Interested candidates can join the below whatsapp group for more details.

If you are interested join the whatsapp group and let me know who is interested.

[email protected]



31/03/2019 11:38 AM

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