Vacancy in Jazeera Airways, Ground Operations Training Officer, iiQ8 Jobs


Vacancy in Jazeera Airways, Ground Operations Training Officer, iiQ8 Jobs

We are looking for a Ground Operations Training Officer to design and deliver training programs and courses to all Ground Operations staff as well as others who require Ground Operations training and ensure that they are in compliance with industry standards.

Responsibilities and duties: 

  • Conduct and implement training programs and methods such as classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, eLearning and workshops for ground operations existing and new hires across the network.
  • Design and develop training syllabus, manuals including electronic and examination assessments (theoretical/ practical) for topics assigned and ensure it’s being updated and reviewed regularly.
  • Ensures all updates on Ground Operations products, policies, procedures, documentation, and handover/takeover procedures are included in the training manuals and courses and communicated to trainees in due time
  • Ensure that the different training modules for J9/ Service provider is in compliance with industry standards and develop training programs that satisfy the requirements of IATA AHM, IOSA and KCASR.
  • Carries out field trips to assist in the start-up of stations; conducts familiarization sessions, product, system and procedures training as well as performance assessments to ensure successful training and smooth operations.
  • Work in close contact with airport line managers to develop relevant training evaluations in order to assess congruencies with training needs and objectives.
  • Assign, train and track training records of staff on Jazeera Airways policy and procedures as per TNA and manage their training records in LMS.
  • Carry out the course evaluation and analysis and act on feedback where necessary to ensure high-quality service provision and continuous improvement.
  • Keeps a track of Load control licenses renewal dates to ensure timely renewal of licenses in the assigned region.
  • Conducts necessary exams and assessments for trainees prior to issuing/renewing licenses; maintains records of certificates accordingly.
  • Provides necessary support and arrangements to facilitate internal/external audit checks; ensures availability, update, and compliance of related documents, reports, attendance sheets and records with the approved standards.
  • Supports the manager in designing and implementing Computer Based Training (CBT)/Online Training in various subjects pertaining to ground operations and by continuously monitoring the training contents to reflect any revisions and changes when and as required.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in airport ground operations and customer service and/or 02 years recent experience in training in any areas of ground operations (passenger, ramp, load control, cargo)
  • Professional training certificates such as “Train the Trainer”, “NLP”, and “Instructive Training” etc.
  • A320 Load control/Weight and Balance license will be an added advantage.
  • Working Knowledge on Learning Management System (LMS) is an added advantage.
  • Excellent work knowledge of passenger/ramp handling operations.
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite Proficiency in written and verbal communication skills, report writing, presentations and public speaking skills.
  • Arabic language comprehension will be an added advantage
  • Exposure to internal/external audit practices will be an added advantage

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