Maintenance Engineer job vacancy in Q8, JobsinQ8jobs, iik, classifieds


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Maintenance Engineer job vacancy in Q8, JobsinQ8jobs, iik, classifieds

Looking for Maintenance Engineer to work in our Factory who meets the following criteria:

– Bachelor degree in Engineering or equivalent

– Min 3 – 4 years experience in a similar position in the same field.

Main Responsibilities:

• Perform all the Inspection and Installation of equipment, maintain best parameter daily, Check & maintain the quality of product.

• Planning the process with overall responsibility for maintaining various process metrics and strict adherence to the compliance procedures at all times.

• Categorizing daily tasks and complete the work within the given time frame.

• Responsible for troubleshooting issues and preventive/ breakdown maintenance of all equipment to reduce downtime to minimum.

• Proactively identifying areas of obstruction/breakdowns and taking steps to rectify the equipment through application of trouble shooting tools.

• Assisting in monitoring the overall project performance on regular basis & taking steps for further improvements with a view to complete project within stipulated time frame & prescribed budget.

• Minimizing performance bottlenecks for achieving high productivity along with handling operations for improvement in the existing products.

Interested candidates,

please send your cv to:

[email protected]


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