Hyderabad woman rescued from Kuwait by Indian Embassy and Modi government

Hyderabad woman rescued from Kuwait thanks Indian Embassy and Modi government With inputs from Agencies
Monday, June 24, 2019
A Hyderabad woman, who was sent to Kuwait under false pretence and was duped, thanked the Indian embassy and Modi government on Sunday for her rescue.
“I would like to thank the Indian Embassy and Modi government for rescuing me from that hell. There are many agents here trying to dupe people. We should not believe anything these agents tell us,” Rehana Begum told media in Hyderabad.
She left for Kuwait on 2019, January 25 and returned to India on 2019, June 16.
“An agent had approached me and offered a beautician’s job in a saloon in Kuwait. He had said they will pay me Rs 30,000 per month. When I went there, they employed me as a housemaid and tortured me,” the woman said.
Rehana then called her daughter in India and conveyed the condition she was in. Her daughter approached the Indian embassy, which brought her mother back to India.
Recently Indian Embassy published a list of around 18 India based recruitment agencies to be avoided while looking for recruitment to Kuwait at the Embassy website. The list was prepared based on various observations according to Embassy. There were many instances of Indians falling victim to the fake recruitment. This involves fake recruitment agencies in India as well as some companies in Kuwait.

Hyderabad woman rescued,  from Kuwait by Indian Embassy , Modi government

24/06/2019 11:31 AM