How to Install Windows XP


Windows XP installation steps

Pre-requisite for Windows XP Installation :


1.      Login to the computer with Admin rights


Installation Procedure for Windows XP Installation :


1.      Insert the CD in the CD ROM drive.


2.      Re-start the PC & press F9 / F12 depending on the make of the CPU (HP/DELL/ACER). Bios settings will be displayed.


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How to Install Windows XP | Step by Step Guide
3.      Select CD Rom as first boot device.



4.      Press ‘Enter’ key to enter the Windows XP setup.



5.      Accept the License agreement by pressing the F8 key.



6.      Delete the partition by pressing D



7.      Create a partition in the un partitioned space



8.      You can create as many partitions depending on the size of the Hard Disk.



9.      Select the partition to install the Operating system.




10.  After formatting, setup will start copying files to hard disk.



11.  Once the files are copied, setup will start installing Windows.



12.  Select the desired regional language settings



13.  Enter the Product Key



14.  Enter the Local Username & Password



15.  Enter the Date & Time Settings



16.  Once the installation is complete, the PC will automatically get restarted.
17. Windows XP installation done.