How to install Adobe Professional 9


How to install Adobe Professional 9




1.      Login to the computer with Admin rights


Installation Procedure:


1.      Double click on the Adobe Professional 9 setup file and click on ‘Install’ to begin the installation.



2.      Select the language and click ‘OK’ to proceed.



3.      Choose the application ‘Adobe Acrobat 9’ and click ‘Next’ to proceed.



4.      Enter the ‘User name’ and ‘Organization’. Select the option ‘Install the trial version’.



5.      Select the setup type and destination and click ‘Next’.



6.      Choose the Destination Folder (if required) and click on ‘Next’.



7.      Click on ‘Install’ to begin the installation.



8.      Once the setup is completed, click on ‘Finish’ to exit the wizard.


 Click here to watch youtube video tutorial, step by step procedure
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