How to add change or check IP address of a system

How to add, change or check IP address of a system



1.      Go to Control PanelNetworks and Internet


2.      Under ‘Network and Sharing Center’ select ‘View network status and tasks


3.      Click on ‘Local Area Connection


4.      The Local Area Connection Status pop-up appears. Click on ‘Properties’.


5.      Double click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)


6.      A new window appears which shows the IP address (if already entered). Else the new IP address can be entered here.


7.      Click on OK and then close to save the settings (if any changes were made).


 Click here to watch youtube video tutorial, step by step procedure
How to change your IP address in less than 30 seconds! No installations/downloads! UPDATE: This video is getting to be very old, but was done on Windows XP. I have not looked into anything new since the release of this video. So if this doesn’t work for you, please try and search for a guide for your OS.