Explain Database users

Explain Database users.
Database Users
Database administrators – DBA is responsible for authorizing access to the database, for coordinating and monitoring its use, and acquiring software and hardware resources as needed.
Database designers – identify data to be stored in the database and choosing appropriate structures to represent and store the data.  Most of these functions are done before the database is implemented and populated with the data.  It is the responsibility of the database designers to communicate with all prospective users to understand their requirements and come up with a design that meets these requirements.  Database designers interact with all potential users and develop views of the database that meet the data and processing requirements of these groups.  The final database must support the requirements of all user groups.
End Users
Casual End Users – occasionally access, may need different information each time.  Use query language to specify requests.
Naive or parametric end users – main job is to query and update the database using standard queries and updates.  These canned transactions have been carefully programmed and tested.
Sophisticated end users – engineers, scientists, analysts who implement applications to meet their requirements.
Stand alone users
Stand alone users – maintain personal databases using ready made packages.