Documents and Eligibility for Kuwait Driving License

Documents Required for Applying Driving License

Original Civil ID and a Copy – Electronic Civil ID is not accepted

Copy of Passport First Page and Last Page Where you have personal information, if there is residency stamp on your passport then you have to carry that too

A letter from sponsor about the applicant’s information in the company and full name and address of your colleagues in the company that you’re working in.

A copy of your pay slip.

A driver’s license from home country certified applicant’s embassy in Kuwait. (Not mandatory)

4pcs (2X3) colored photos with Blue Background

Blood Group Certificate – It can be obtained by either from Private Clinics or Government Hospitals

Eye Test – You need to get Eye Test Done from Qortuba Eye Test Center once your papers are stamped

Fill in the service application form  by Visiting any Translation and Typing Center or On your Own if you know Arabic

Once you have all documents ready Visit the Traffic Department in your  governorate according to your civild and submit the documents to apply for a learner’s license or “Istimara

Hawally Governorate Traffic Department

Capital Governorate  Traffic Department

Farwaniya Governorate Traffic Department

Ahmadi Governorate Traffic Department

Jahra Governorate Traffic Department

Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate Traffic Department

Once you submit the documents , they will verify the documents and stamp , then you need to visit Quortuba Eye test Center and get the document, You may need to take  online appointment for Quortuba eye test center due to Corona – you can appointment form this link –

Again visit the traffic department to get you Driving Learners License , Once you get the Learners License “isthmara” set a date to take the driving test  . The fee is 10KD (Kuwaiti Dinar).

Once Driving Test is Passed Please Visit The Traffic Department and Apply For Driving License, You may get the license on same day or they may ask you to come next day.

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Kuwait Traffic Law and Regulations

All vehicles should be legally registered as well as insured.

All drivers should carry their driver’s license with them.

Compulsory to wear your seat belts.

Be aware of the speed limit while driving

Be aware and follow the traffic lights.

Do not drink and drive.

In case you get into an accident you can call the emergency hotline number (999) or (102) .

Eligibility – Expatriates applying for driving license should meet the following terms:

Should have a university degree certificate (attested by the ministries)

Must draw a minimum salary of KD600 / 650 KD per month

Should have a valid residence, must be residing for at least two years in Kuwait, prior to applying for the Driving License.

The applicant has to be of at least 18 years of age.

There are few exceptional positions that you can check with them

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