Continual Service Improvement Introduction in ITIL – ITIL Course

Continual Service Improvement


Continual  Service  Improvement   involves  improving  services  offered  as  well  as improving internal processes.
An IT organization  should  recommend  improvements,  review  and analyze  Service Level Agreement (SLA) results, identify and implement activities to improve quality of services,   improv cost  without   risking   quality and  apply  quality  management methods.
of Continual Service Improvement is to align and realign IT Services to the changing Business needs by identifying and implementing  improvements  to the IT services that support the businessprocesses.
Continua Service   Improvement   also   aims   to   improv process   effectiveness, efficiency  and cost  effectiveness  of the IT processes  through  thewhole  lifecycle. Therefore, CSI must clearly define what should be controlled and measured.
The scope of Continual Service Improvement includes:
•              Improving  services offered: Focuses on the alignment of IT Services with the currentand future business needs, involves all stages of the service lifecycle.
•              Improving  internal processes:  Focuses  on the IT Service Management  within the company, involves all levels within the organization.

Some of the importantobjectives of Continual Service Improvement are:
•   Recommend improvements
•   Review and analyze SLA results
•   Identify and implement activities to improve quality of services
•   Improve cost without riskingquality
•   Apply quality management methods
Value to Business
Adopting and implementing standard and consistent approaches for CSI will:
•              Lead  to  a  gradual  and  continual  improvement  in  service  quality,  where justified.
•   Ensure that IT services remain continuously aligned to businessrequirements.
•              Result in gradual improvements  in cost effectiveness  through a reduction in costs and/orthe capability to handle more work at the same cost.
•              Use monitoring and reporting to identify opportunities  forimprovement  in all lifecycle stages and in all processes.
•              Identify    opportunities    for    improvements    in    organizational    structures, resourcing capabilities, partners,technology, staff skills & training, and communications.
CSI Register
It  is  recommended   that  a  CSI  register  is  kept  to  record  all  the  improvement opportunities and each one should be categorized into small, medium or large undertakings  and into initiatives that can be achieved  quickly, or in the medium or long term. This should  provide  the organization  with a coordinated  andconsistent view of the potentially numerousimprovement activities.
The CSI registercontains important information for theoverall service providerand should be held and regarded as part of the service knowledge management system (SKMS).
The   CSI   Manager   is   accountable   and   responsible   fo the   production   and maintenance of the CSI register.

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