About a job Interview – JobsinQ8 quotes

About an Interview – JobsinQ8 quotes
I arrived 15 minutes earlier.
I presented myself at the reception.
I was escorted to the waiting room. I was offered tea.
10 minutes later, the Head of HR came & greeted me warmly.
I followed her to the meeting room.
She said that the interview will last for 1 hour.
We sat down & suddenly a screen rolled down & her computer was turned on.
The company profile was presented to me, including culture, mission, history, projects, clients, organization chart & achievements.
I felt that I was in NASA.
Then, I saw on the screen the job description alongside my CV which she went though simultaneously.
She asked many questions & I answered with a smile.
She allowed me to ask questions & speak my mind freely.
I saw that she was filling in an interview assessment/appraisal form on her computer.
The job advertisement included all necessary details hence there was no need to bargain. She did explain about the policies, salary scale & incentives.
Then the question came:
“Why would you want to work for us, Momtaz?”
My answer:
“It is because you are an employer of choice. I saw respect in the hiring process. I see myself flying in your organization. I have waited for too long to join you.”
“Expect a reply from us in 3 days.”
When I woke up, I smiled. I enjoyed this dream.

Salary Discussion in an interview :

Interviewer- How much salary do you want?
Girl- 60 thousand.
Interviewer- That’s 15 thousand higher than our salary bracket.
Girl- Can’t I have that?
Interviewer- But, why should we give you a higher salary?
[This is a green signal because the interviewer didn’t say no.]
Girl- Because I am efficient. I got all the qualifications and experiences as needed for this position.
Interviewer- Your offer is way beyond the industry standard.
Girl- Ma’am, your company is better than other companies in the industry. So, your employees should get paid more than the industry standard.
Interviewer- The other candidates said yes for a 50 thousand salary.
Girl- I am better than everyone. You know it. I am also a bit more than average, so need more salary.
Interviewer- That’s okay but why do you want a higher salary?
Girl- I want to forget about money while working for your company. 60 thousand is something that will fulfill my needs. So, I won’t be looking for a job change as you said it’s way above than industry standard. I just want to concentrate on my work and stick to your company as a loyal employee.

A job seeker goes for an interview ….
The interviewer realised his mistake, that they did not scan the Resume properly and the Candidate is …
OverQualified …..
The interviewer said Sorry to the job seeker for this mistake.
The jobseeker said, No problem sir …. I can Refer you some Candidates which are not overqualified and are much suitable for the position, Hope it will help you both.
The interviewer is happy on this response.
He tells the candidate …. that’s great …. please refer.
And I have some recruiters in my circle, I will give you their contacts and refer you there. Hope it will help you also.
My wish & an imaginary situation… I wish recruiters, interviewers and job seekers should help each other.

Tips to Ace an Interview
Always Greet the Hiring Managers Right
Greeting them right is actually a way in establishing a rapport with them. Overcome nervousness. Remember, greet the hiring manager with a bright smile on your face and the right amount of confidence. A subtle handshake and a confident eye contact will surely help you win points at the start of the interview.
Get there Early than the Expected Time
Punctuality is one of the most important qualities that the employer like in an applicant or employees. Your time of arrival will be evaluated by the hiring manager. If you are late it will probably cause a negative impression. Reaching the venue 10 minutes or earlier before the scheduled time shows your eagerness towards the given opportunity.
Get Properly Dressed
Good grooming, hygiene, right outfit and dressing neatly will help you score points in the interview. Having the opposite will turn off the hiring manager. You should avoid bright colors, uncomfortable clothes that you might keep adjusting from time to time. Because, it will distract the hiring managers during the interview.
Appropriate Body Language
The way you move will be judged once you enter the company premises. They might judge you on the way you walk, talk, your posture, if you have unnecessary movements. They will be assessing your nonverbal communication points in different ways, such as maintaining an eye contact or leaning back comfortably in the chair while being interviewed.
You Should Have a Positive Attitude
Avoid all the negative attitude and feelings that you bear, such as answering negatively. If you are being asked a question if you can do a job, answer them honestly if you can do it or not. But do not answer them in a closed ended answer, answer them that you can learn and be good at it in the future.

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