30th December, Wednesday, Kuwait CoronaVirus Update, JobsinQ8, COVID-19

New cases and deaths reported in Kuwait in last 24 hours: 30.12.2020

Kuwait City :

The Ministry of Health announces that 205 cases have been confirmed, 228 cures have been recorded, and one new death is due to the COVID-19 virus, bringing the total number of cases to 150,298.

تعلن #وزارة_الصحة⁩ عن تأكيد إصابة 205 حالة، وتسجيل 228 حالة شفاء، و حالة وفاة واحدة جديدة بـ ⁧#فيروس_كورونا_المستجدّ⁩ COVID-19 ، ليصبح إجمالي عدد الحالات 150,298 حالة

Ministry of Health Health / COVID-19 PANDEMIC LATEST UPDATES –  30/12/2020




19th December, Saturday, Kuwait CoronaVirus Update, JobsinQ8, COVID-19

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20th December, Sunday, Kuwait CoronaVirus Update, JobsinQ8, COVID-19

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